Mobile Marketing- What Makes It So Popular?

Mobile advertising has its own niche in the marketing world. Unlike traditional modes of marketing like the print media or the television, there are many features peculiar to mobile marketing that can be simply attributed to the mobile device. A mobile is an extremely personal device with usually one mobile being used by a single user. Given below are key drivers that contribute to the success of mobile marketing.

High accessibility: The number of mobile users is reaching record heights every day. Almost every mobile device has the basic SMS capabilities in which advertisements can be done through simple text messages. Moreover, the mobility factor means that the user gets the advertisement irrespective of time or location. This very accessibility factor makes mobiles a preferred mode of marketing for most businesses.

Compatibility between networks and devices: The main modes of mobile marketing like SMS, MMS, Infrared and Bluetooth are universally available in most mobile devices and can be supported by most networks. Ad agencies and businesses do not need to customize their advertisement applications or content and leverage this compatibility factor to create single pieces of advertisement that can be sent to millions of mobile users across regions. More details here!

Personable device: As stated previously, mobiles are a very personal device. Mostly there are single users for most devices. Moreover, studies show that mobile advertisement gets relatively higher levels of attention span from the users. Usually users will at least read a part of the message before deleting and ignoring. This obviously attributes a lot to success of marketing campaigns over mobiles.

Direct communication with the users: One of the fundamentals of mobile marketing is personalization. Marketing teams and agencies can customize lists of mobile users to target those who are most likely to use their product or service. This can be done on basic user information available to them like the age, location, occupation etc. This also enables them to send personable messages to the users who get the feeling that the advertisement is meant only for him.

Ease of measuring results: Mobile advertising campaigns have advantages over media print or television in terms of capacity to compute channel usage and acquire in depth campaign result breakdown and analysis. Moreover, the advances in technology over the recent years enable the advertisement agencies or departments to get real time information for a wide demography, which is next to impossible for other marketing modes.

Interactive marketing: This is probably the only technology driven marketing (i.e. not conducted by people directly) which can be interactive by nature and still hold some brand marketing value. Many advertisement campaigns include features like response SMS, reply, forward, click to call and click to mobile web, which makes marketing possible to more than one level.

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